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I employed it when I lived in Devonport with my folks. Received loads of contacts from ZL and VK3 on it. Not bad for the 12watt cb.

It was unattainable to have a conversation with any one on ch11AM or ch35LSB there was that numerous morons on them and constantly.

Just about the CB side of it, I've a mint GE "B" product 40 channel in original box. Might give that a run as soon as the vertical is reconnected

I have now identified a schematic for it so I can repair one of them – AM mode is not working (and from memory LSB likewise....)

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I had it linked to a spare ringo antenna to make it look legit plus the coax was connected to an easy alarm circuit. One evening somebody eventually managed the process.

Am I imagined to be amazed? Down there with a very good antenna that needs to be no mean feat, even LRP.

Again, no. You will find Plenty of aspects that affect non line of sight communications that permit monumental length with Full Article an exceedingly smaller power budget.

Might consider the new Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB – heard that is pretty good – and it would DC Pots Melbourne Sydney Brisbane not drift off frequency around the new Cobra 148GTLs Using the entrance mics do.

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People today dont seem to simply call one another and transfer to other channels, its just non cease jibberish verbal diarrhoea. Glad I'm able to escape the lunatics and relocate to other bands

RoMac does a ten band EQ for winXP, I don't have a windoze box at all any more, but I am tempted to build 1 up and operate his EQ software, Appears to be what I would like. The stock mic that Yaesu Provide you is a bit about the crappy side.

I bought a six metre aluminium pole several months in the past To place the antenna on (An exceptionally previous and bent Itron (Megatron??).

even so the fairly lower power and substantial sounds aspect of todays environments causes it to be just browse around here a little hard.

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